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Faribault, MN Radio Stations

13 FM Stations | 9 AM Stations | 22 Total // switch to Digital (HD)

City  State   Frequency   Call Sign   Service  Format
Faribault MN 920 KDHL AM Classic Country
Faribault MN 107.5 KBGY FM Mexican Regional
Faribault MN 95.9 KQCL FM Classic Rock
Northfield MN 88.1 KRLX FM Other
Owatonna MN 93.5 K228DR FM Religious
Owatonna MN 1390 KRFO AM Oldies
Owatonna MN 104.9 KRFO FM Country
Owatonna MN 103.9 K280EC FM News Talk Information
Owatonna MN 105.7 K289AE FM Classical
Northfield MN 1080 KYMN AM News Talk Information
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