Unique map-based display
Our exclusive multi-station mapping engine lets you search a geographic area for stations without getting lost in the details. Learn which stations have the largest signal range. Find out ...more
Thousands of live radio streams
Many of the best radio stations in America are playable live through FreqSeek. What sets this list apart, however, is the fact that every stream is tied to a terrestrial radio station ...more
Sports networks
If you’re a sports fan, get ready to follow your teams like never before. In addition to ESPN, Fox Sports and Sporting News radio networks, we also have searchable ...more
Fantastic search
FreqSeek takes the guesswork out of finding stations. Start with what you do know and let our pattern recognition engine do the rest. Find stations by call sign, frequency or ...more
Every U.S. radio station
That’s right, every radio station in America. You can view the location and signal strength of any station, and most stations are also identified by genre. HD radio? FreqSeek has that too. Take it a step further and find popular personalities and shows with broadcast times. < less
Every U.S. TV station
FreqSeek isn’t limited to radio. Use it to find local HDTV stations. Connect an antenna to your HDTV (with built-in tuner) and enjoy over-the-air digital broadcasts – for free! Search for ...more
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